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During the summers of 2016 & 2017, I spent time as a Digital Media Specialist for Foundry 45, a Virtual Reality firm in Atlanta. Not only did this job allow me to become accustomed with Virtual Reality tech, but I also changed the game by writing blog posts, case studies, creating videos and other multimedia content that helped market the cutting-edge business. The digital content I’ve created for Foundry 45 has been featured, referenced, and linked to by other independent publications (like this post by the Trade Show News Network) as well as shared on other professional social media. Along with helping layout the company’s website, I used my abilities with videography, writing, and graphic design to develop and publish brand level content for the company’s social media. My content reached over 30,000 users, and increased followers across all accounts around 10%. You can learn about how I’ve ran the business’s social media in that section of my website. All images in this section link to the work I’ve done.


Blog Posts

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Case Studies





David Andriate’s Virtual Tour of UGA


In addition to pioneering swag in the VR marketplace, I also created my own Virtual Reality app, available on the App Store at the end of Summer 2016. I developed this app entirely on my own! I completed every phase of production, from filming campus with a 360 camera to developing the app itself. In total, I would say this project is the culmination of around thirty hours of work. Take the time to download and enjoy it.