Words in any language are limited in explaining the complexities of experience. ee cummings realized this when writing his poems. Words paint a picture of reality, but that picture can’t encompass reality. Compared to actually living through anything, words can’t deliver the same phenomenon.

Brad Blanton learned this from ee cummings and discusses it in his book Radical Honesty.  The main thesis of Brad’s book is that through being brutally honest with yourself and others about your feelings, you can eliminate stress, and live in peace.

“The truth will set you free, but first it’ll piss you off.”


Though “eternally frustrated by the limits of language,” Brad rejoices that our different means of communication allow us to combine these experiences.

“My experiences of being present to a child’s laughter, a sunset, the eyes of mice, and Niagara Falls are records in my mind that can be re-evoked by language that points to these magnificent events.” Combining these images in the same sentence, picture, or video creates a new experience in our mind that isn’t possible in reality.

In short, language is limited, but it also enables us to imagine realities beyond our own which is pretty cool.

Brad’s book is WILD so I definitely recommend you check it out. Some of my favorite parts of this book is his critique of moralism, and his acknowledgement that any stress you experience is not caused by your environment, but by your own mind.